The programs we offer are for spiritual seekers and pioneers of this coming Stellar Age. Join us for an exciting journey to awaken your authentic self.

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Build your personal library of inspiring, transformative books. Paperbacks and e-books available in 7 languages.


Our in-depth spiritual transformation training program helps you develop your consciousness and links you with other co-creative pioneers.


Offered in both Canada & Europe. Release, relax, and rejuvenate your heart and soul. You are the Focus! We are devoted to your healing.

Restore yourself and the Earth to health

Tanis talks about the e-course:

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We can only fully evolve by understanding nature – by embracing the concept that every bit of grass, flower, tree, or animal has a conscious spirit that nurtures us and the Earth.

This self-study e-course has only been available previously at Tanis Helliwell’s in-person or live online workshops!

This self-study e-course includes:

  • A comprehensive workbook of 68 pages divided into 5 modules
  • Powerful exercises, homework assignments and action plans
  • 5 MP3 guided visualizations and meditations
  • 7 videos of approximately 90-minutes each recorded LIVE

Course Modules:

  • Module 1: Connecting with Your Nature Spirit
  • Module 2: Your Body Elemental and Healing
  • Module 3: Manifesting with the Five Elements
  • Module 4: Co-Creating with Nature Spirits
  • Module 5: Fulfill Your Destiny as a Guardian of the Earth

Kind words from participants

“It is a time of awakening to the beings who are creating the living world! And it is time that we enter into deep and co-creative relationship with those beings, the Nature Spirits. With Tanis guiding lively and powerful experiences, to begin these relationships becomes possible. Absolutely everyone is invited by the Nature Spirits to befriend them on a daily basis. This is a joy filled path!!! I highly recommend this work to anyone interested in finding direct connections with Nature Spirits.”
Elyse Pomeranz
"After meeting and studying with Tanis, everything in my life made sense."
Stephanie Kusie
Lawyer and former Canadian consul to San Salvador

Hear from our Nature Spirits graduates:

Tanis Helliwell, Founder of IIT

For 20 years Tanis Helliwell has been teaching Co-creating with Nature Spirits and Elementals  workshops to thousands of people around the world to prepare pioneers of the new stellar age.

You are called to be alive at this time.